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Incredible India offers you various backwaters tours to enjoy your holidays at the most memorable destinations. In the northern region of India, specifically in the Kashmir Valley, you can find picturesque backwaters. Similarly, in the southern region of Kerala, you can also experience the best backwater tours available in India.

The backwaters of Kerala, with their green and graceful appearance and palm-fringed scenery, are truly one-of-a-kind. The Backwaters tour in Kerala, India, is renowned worldwide and is often considered to be just as refreshing as the canals in Thailand or the backwaters in Milan. The sparkling, emerald green waters reflecting the vibrant hues of tall, majestic green palms captivate tourists seeking serenity and ethereal beauty. Alappuzha is commonly known as the Venice of the East. Kuttanad, located in the backwaters of Alappuzha, is known as the rice bowl of Kerala due to its abundant cultivation of paddy crops.

Thiruvananthapuram is one of the most popular backwater holiday destinations in Kerala, attracting a large number of tourists. The best time to visit the holy city of the snake is during the festive season of Onam, which is celebrated to mark the harvest season. Traditional houseboats are the ideal option for backwater tours. They now provide their guests with top-notch facilities and highly efficient services. Honeymoon tours on the backwaters are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. To fully appreciate the beauty of these houseboats, one must personally experience sailing through the breathtaking locales they traverse. 

The backwaters tours offer a complete experience that allows you to connect with nature and relax in the presence of the best and simplest things. So, here is the list of the best backwater destinations in India that you should visit to experience the serene nature that washes away the stress of regular life. 

Top 10 Backwaters Destinations in India 

1. Kumarakom

Kumarakom, located in Kerala, is also widely recognised as a prominent backwater destination in India. The area is encompassed by lush Mangrove forests and vibrant green paddy fields, complemented by canals adorned with stunning white lilies. This site attracts travellers from all around the globe to this destination.  Kumarakom is blessed with lush greenery, serene lakes, and soothing surroundings, creating an ambience that is both spiritually and physically uplifting. Kumarakom is renowned for providing exceptional therapeutic experiences in Kerala.  

Best Time to Visit: November to February 

Top Places To Visit: Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall, Kumarakom Beach

2. Alleppey

Alleppey is commonly referred to as the 'Venice of the East' or Alappuzha. Kerala is home to a truly spectacular town. Alleppey is widely recognised as a major tourist destination in the state of Kerala, thanks to its extensive network of inland canals. Cruising on a houseboat in these backwaters is a delightful experience. The Alleppey backwaters in Kerala are known for their liveliness and are highly sought after by visitors. By spending a night on an Alleppey houseboat, you will undoubtedly develop a deep affection for the lifestyle and enchanting qualities of this immaculate destination. 

Best Time to Visit: November to February 

Top Places To Visit: Kuttanad, Marari Beach, Krishnapuram Palace, Punnamada Lake, Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple

3. Kasaragod 

Kasaragod is a stunning village known for its pristine beauty and the excellent backwater facilities it offers to visitors. It remains undisturbed by the tourist activities that are primarily concentrated in other parts of Kerala. If you are interested in experiencing rural sightseeing while enjoying a peaceful boat ride, this particular area has managed to preserve its traditional essence. To truly experience the best of Kasargod, one must embark on a houseboat journey through the Kerala backwaters. Take a stroll along the enchanting Kappil Beach, embark on a thrilling trekking adventure at Kottancheri Hills, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Tulur Vanam festival. 

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Top Places To Visit: Bekal Fort, Bekal Beach, Ananthapura Lake Temple, Chandragiri Fort, Kappil Beach 

4. Kollam 

Kerala holidays offer the opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful backwater destinations in South India. Kollam, located in Kerala, is a place that never fails to impress. The Kerala backwaters tour offers a unique experience unlike any other destination in the world, with its blooming water lilies, tranquil canals, and the peaceful chirruping of birds. Kollam houseboat cruises provide the opportunity to enjoy the longest backwater ride, lasting approximately eight hours. 

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Top Places To Visit: Ashtamudi Lake, Kollam Beach, Palaruvi Waterfalls, Kollam Adventure Park

5. Kuttanad 

One fascinating fact about Kuttanad is that it is situated below sea level, making it the lowest place in India. As it is located in the Alappuzha District, this place is situated right in the heart of the backwaters. Staying at a boathouse in Kerala's Kuttanad region brings you closer to nature, as it is situated away from towns and villages. As you pass through the merrily swaying paddy fields and stunning surroundings, the place radiates both vibrancy and tranquillity. 

Best Time to Visit: November to February

Top Places To Visit: Champakulam, Kuttanad Paddy Fields, Pathiramanal Island, Edathua Church, Chavara Bhavan 

6. Kochi 

Kochi is renowned for its picturesque beaches, captivating attractions such as the lighthouse, and charming fishing villages. These villages provide photographers with stunning opportunities to capture images of men fishing in the sea while also offering a glimpse into the rural backdrop of Kerala. However, many people are unaware that Kochi is also home to some of the most stunning Kerala backwaters, which reveal a completely different aspect of this coastal town. Kochi is the location where the backwaters from Kumarakom and Alleppey come together and flow into the sea. 

Best Time to Visit: October to February 

Top Places To Visit: Kochi Fort, Mattancherry Palace, Dutch Cemetery, Marine Drive, Hill Palace Museum, Cherai Beach, Vypeen Island

7. Ashtamudi 

Ashtamudi is renowned for its pristine backwater stretches, which are considered to be the second largest and deepest wetland ecosystem in India. Embark on a picturesque journey through the backwaters, where you will be surrounded by lush coconut groves and graceful palm trees gently swaying above you. Whether you choose to explore on a houseboat or kayak, you will be treated to a glimpse of Kerala's enchanting rural scenery. The term "Ashtamudi" translates to "Eight Hills," referring to the distinct topography of these backwaters, which consists of eight branches. 

Best Time to Visit: November to February 

Top Places To Visit: Ashtamudi Lake, Munroe Island, Thangassery Lighthouse

8. Trivandrum 

How about indulging in a luxurious cruise through a captivating network of canals, lagoons, lakes, and tropical jungles that create a picturesque backdrop for your backwater journey? We're confident that you would appreciate that idea! In that case, it is only fitting for you to visit Thiruvananthapuram, one of the best and most beautiful backwater destinations in Kerala. Although Vembanad Lake is the largest backwater setting in this area, the one along the route of Kovalam is considered to be more popular and scenic. 

Best Time to Visit: October to March 

Top Places To Visit: Napier Museum, Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Kuthira Malika (Horse Palace), Kanakakunnu Palace, Poovar Islands 

9. Srinagar, Kashmir 

When visiting Kashmir, it is essential to experience staying in a houseboat in Srinagar. Dal Lake is home to one of the most serene and popular lakes in the country. In Srinagar, numerous houseboats gather around the lake, providing an unparalleled travel experience for you. The houseboats in Srinagar are elegantly designed, offering a perfect opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of the city. As you awaken, the melodious chirping of birds fills the air, accompanied by the gentle rays of sunlight filtering through the lush woods. 

Best Time to Visit: April to June 

Top Places To Visit: Dal Lake, Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, Chashme Shahi, Gulmarg, Pahalgam

10. Udupi 

Envision the exquisite experience of sailing on the serene backwaters of Udupi and indulging in a picturesque lifestyle in this idyllic destination. Udupi, located in Karnataka, offers a delightful houseboat stay experience that the state government operates. It provides an escape from chaos and allows you to immerse yourself in a world of tranquillity. A luxury experience offers the opportunity to savour delectable meals while enjoying breathtaking views of the water. It gives you an amazing opportunity to witness flora and fauna along the journey. 

Best Time to Visit: October to March 

Top Places To Visit: Sri Krishna Temple, Malpe Beach, Kaup Beach, Anantheshwara Temple, Pajaka

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