Weekend Trip From Pune

Weekend Trip From Pune

Widely popular as “Queen of Deccan” and “Oxford of the East”, Pune is one of the best places for office goers, students, and tourism. Right from having the renowned educational institutes, offices to the unbeatable nature and weather conditions, Pune is just awesome. The city is blessed to have rich cultural heritage, diverse landscape of natural beauty and relaxing escape which eventually offers a plethora of weekend spots near Pune for those who are looking for the weekend break. Each of these options is quite amazing and it certainly grabs the attention of vacationers for a great fun. 

When it comes to enjoy the weekend getaway near Pune, then among certain places, Lonavala is the first one that comes to mind. Right from the lush greenery of the Western Ghats to the serene Sahyadri Mountains which offers a perfect backdrop for hiking and trekking, each and everything in Lonavala is certainly awesome. The region is dotted with cascading waterfalls and Bhushi Dam, where vacationers can take a refreshing dip. To experience the best of tranquil, vacationers must head towards 120 kilometers from Pune for Matheran, a hill station. It is a no-vehicle zone with pristine air, panoramic views, and amazing experience, so one must visit there with their loved ones. 

If history and historical sites is your cup of tea, then you must plan a visit to the historical forts. From Pune head about 30 kilometers and you will reach Sinhagad Fort. You will witness to the Maratha Empire’s valor, a popular spot for trekkers and history lovers. The Lohagad Fort is surrounded with lush greenery and former glory, which eventually stuns the visitors. 

Weekend trips from Pune is definitely amazing for those who are looking for a spiritual retreat as they just need to head towards 50 kilometers from Pune and visit a small town, which is famous for Khandoba Temple. The revered Lord Khandoba temple is a must visit place, at this temple there is a unique custom offering turmeric to the deity. So, the small weekend trip near Pune is religiously amazing and vacationers must visit there. 

When it comes to adventure, then also the city Pune offers a great experience to adventure enthusiast. For this vacationers need to visit around 45 kilometers from Pune. As the city is quite famous for paragliding, adrenaline-pumping experience at the landscape of the Sahyadri hills, so vacationers will have a great experience at this place for sure. Moreover, vacationers can also visit to Rajmachi Fort, which is around 80 kilometers from the city and it offers enticing trekking experience with its lush greenery and historic ruins. 

As weekend destination near Pune is also considered as a luxurious getaway and romantic getaway for vacationers, therefore one must plan a visit to very renowned Lavasa, Lonavala, etc. These perfect settings of nature enable vacationers to indulge with several water sports, fine dining, and stunning views. Likewise, the vineyards in the Nashik region is located around 210 kilometers from Pune and are also known as a delightful escape for wine connoisseurs, with tastings and tours available.

Lastly, the weekend tours from Pune come along with several attractions, it’s all upto vacationers to choose the best place to visit and have fun. Whether it is religion, romantic, adventurous, or historical, vacationers as per their choice can plan their travel along with their loved ones and certainly these attractions will offer a rejuvenating and memorable weekend to visitors. So, one must plan it. 

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Top 15 Weekend Trip From Pune

As weekend trips are shot in nature, therefore people look for some short distance vacation or break destination to chill and relax. And Pune residents are quite lucky as they do have some amazing places to visit on their weekends to explore more and have fun. Right from the adventure, religious, romantic, and historical, weekend trip near Pune have everything for different experiences, so one must plan their travel with their loved ones as per their choice and just go for it. Pune population is blessed to have an awesome weather conditions throughout the day and night, however they can plan for weekend trips from Pune to nearby destinations to experience the amazing sightseeing nearby Pune. There are so many attractions nearby Pune that visitors with their family and friends are visit and take a break from their hustle bustle life. So, if you are also planning to visit go on a weekend getaways near Pune and unable to decide the best place for this, then here is list of some best places where you can go ahead. And it will be a wonderful experience for sure.  

Lonavala 66 KM from Pune
Best Time: October-February

Located in Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats, Lonavala is one of the best places to visit nearby Pune. Here visitors can explore a number of waterfalls, lakes, and hills all around. This place is famous for camping, trekking, and other adventure sports. Some other attractions that vacationers can visit and explore at this place include Bhaja caves, Bushi dam, Rajmachi fort, Karla caves, Ryewood Lake, among others. This amazing weekend getaways enable vacationers to have immense fun with their loved ones. So, don’t miss it. 

Famous for: Bhaja caves, Bushi dam, Rajmachi fort, Karla caves, Ryewood Lake.
Ideal Duration: 01-02 Days
Mahabaleshwar 121 KM from Pune
Best Time: November to February

The land of Stawberries “Mahabaleshwar” is one of the popular getaways from Pune, which is quite popular among the people of Pune and Maharashtra. As this hill station is located on the forested Western Ghats range, it offers amazing elevated viewing points, such as Arthur’s Seat and vacationers love exploring it. Visitors visiting Mahabaleshwar also get the opportunity to witness the Panch Ganga Temple, where 5 rivers meet. It is an amazing experience that no one would like to miss on their Mahabaleshwar tour, so one must plan weekend tours from Pune. 

Famous for: Sunset Point Mahabaleshwar, Wilson Point, Elphinstone Point
Ideal Duration: 01-02 Days
Panchgani 100 KM from Pune
Best Time: September to December – January to March

Panchgani itself defines that it is a place named after five hills surrounded by it. It is also known as the Table Land, which is a huge volcanic plateau. Vacationers on their Panchgani tour love to visit Sydney Point and Parsi Point that offers the breathtaking views of Dhom Dam Lake and Kamalgad Fort. And it is also known as British prison in the early 19th century. While exploring the major attractions of Panchgani, vacationers can also plans to visit Rajpuri Caves are surrounded by sacred ponds and a Hindu temple of lord Kartikeya. 

Famous for: Sydney Point, Parsi Point, Kates Point
Ideal Duration: 02 Days
Sinhagad 37 KM from Pune
Best Time: July to February

Being one of the close attractions nearby Pune, Sinhagad is quite famous among the local people. The charm of this hill station makes it one of the favorite places to visit on weekends. On the visit to this destination, there is a majestic fortress on a hill, and it is situated just 50 km away from the city. Apart from the fort, it is heaven for nature lovers as the beautiful hills and pleasant weather always await vacationers at this place. Sinhagad is famous for photography of beautiful landscape and mountains. So, to take a break from hustle bustle life, one must visit here. 

Famous for: Sinhagad Fort
Ideal Duration: 01 Day
Pawna Lake
Pawna Lake 64 KM from Pune
Best Time: January to May and October to December

Located in Maharashtra, Pawna is one of the best spots where vacationers can plan their travel along with their loved ones for picnic and some quality time. As it is one of the best hill stations nearby Maharashtra, therefore a large number of people visit this place for experiencing Camping in Pawna lake, enjoying the Panoramic Views, Paragliding, Visiting Shinde Wadi Hills, Praying at the Temple of Kondeshwar, Kayaking, and Witness the Alluring Sunrise and Sunset. So, one must plan their travel with loved ones. 

Famous for: Turg Fort, Prati Pandharpur, Karla Caves, etc.
Ideal Duration: 02-03 Days
Kamshet 46 KM from Pune
Best Time: October to May

Kamshet, renowned for its world-class paragliding experiences, stands as an adventure seeker's paradise in close proximity to Mumbai. The serene beauty of Pawna Lake, the breathtaking vistas from Shinde Wadi Hills, and the opportunity to explore the historic Karla Caves all contribute to making Kamshet an exhilarating and thrilling weekend destination. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or simply seeking a break from the routine, Kamshet offers a perfect blend of adventure and natural splendor for a memorable getaway.

Famous for: Pawna Lake, Shinde Wadi Hills, Karla Caves
Ideal Duration: 01-02 Days
Khandala 74 KM from Pune
Best Time: January-February

Khandala is not only a city, but a beautiful hill station as well. It is located 69 km from Pune and therefore it becomes a perfect weekend getaway for vacationers. As it is one of the alluring hill stations of India, it attracts thousands of vacationers every year for its endless nature experiences such as lush green forest covers, misty valleys, cascading waterfalls and adventure opportunities as well. Isn’t it a great option for weekend getaways?, Well definitely it is a great one and there one must experience famous for hiking tours and amazing panoramic views, so go for it. 

Famous for: Rajmachi Fort, Lohagad Fort, Duke's Nose, and Shingroba Temple
Ideal Duration: 01 Day
Lavasa 58 KM from Pune
Best Time: September to March

Lavasa, a charming hill station near Mumbai, is truly a man-made marvel set amidst a backdrop of abundant greenery. This enchanting destination boasts a tranquil lakeside promenade and the serene Temghar Dam, making it a perfect weekend getaway. If you're on the lookout for tourist places near by Mumbai that provide a peaceful respite from the city's bustling chaos, Lavasa offers just that. Its scenic beauty and serene ambiance make it an inviting retreat, allowing you to unwind and reconnect with nature, all within close proximity to Mumbai.

Famous for: Lakeside Promenade, Temghar Dam, Lavasa Nature Trail
Ideal Duration: 02 Days
Maval 70 KM from Pune
Best Time: June and September

Maval is a small town nestled at 70 km away from Pune. At this small town vacationers will get the chance to explore historical marvels of the town including the dams, hills, forts, and ancient caves. Each of these attractions will let you know a lot about the history of this small town. Though the attractions of this town are not so amazing, however the blessed beauty and nature of Maval definitely wins the heart of people who are looking for weekend trips from Pune. So, just plan your weekend trip for a short break. 

Famous for: Karla Caves, Aadishakti aai Ekvira Devi Temple, Shree Narayani Dham Temple
Ideal Duration: 01 Day
Andharban 70 KM from Pune
Best Time: August to January

Andharban nearby Pune is one of the amazing weekend getaways from Pune. Here visitors can experience beautiful trekking trail which offers a wonderful adventure experience. It is one of the best treks that vacationers can experience and also enjoy witnessing Bhira Dam, Kundalika Valley, and a number of breathtaking waterfalls and cascades. So, it will be a wonderful experience for vacationers. 

Famous for: Kundalika Valley, Bhira Dam, Waterfalls
Ideal Duration: 01 Day
Lohagad Fort
Lohagad Fort 68 KM from Pune
Best Time: June to August

Lohagad Fort is one of the mesmerizing weekend getaways from Pune and to reach here visitors have to cover 68 km from Pune. The fort attracts vacationers for its gigantic mountains, captivating architecture, and an amazing blend of natural beauty and modern design. Moreover, the fort is quite attractive and serene in nature. Vacationers on their Lohagarh fort visit, gets amazed with picturesque beauty, cool breeze, and mesmerized sunset experiences. So, visiting here will be a wonderful experience for sure, so just go for it. 

Famous for: Bhaja and Karla Caves, Lonavala, several waterfalls
Ideal Duration: 01 Day
Wai 91 KM from Pune
Best Time: June to August

Located in the Satara district of Maharashtra, Wai is also known as 'Virat Nagari' in the ancient times. However, at present it is the scenic city that attracts vacationers for their weekend break. Right from the blessed beauty, lush greenery, attractive hills, and pleasant weather makes visitors amazed with its charm. One must visit here along with their family and friends to experience a number of adventure activities including River crossing, Trekking, Raft building, Star gazing, ATV rides Kayaking etc. 

Famous for: Bhaja and Karla Caves, Lonavala, several waterfalls
Ideal Duration: 01 Day
Junnar 100 KM from Pune
Best Time: October to March

Junnar is 100 kilometers away from Pune and it offers amazing experience to nature lovers and history enthusiasts. It is also popular as the birthplace of Shivaji Maharaj, therefore vacationers will come to know a lot about Shivaji. Apart from the history buffs, the city also offers stone sculptures of caves at the Manmodi Hill, the Tulija Lena, and the Ganesh Lena. This place is also famous for Lenyadri and Ozar temples that are 2 out of the 8 Ashtavinayak temples and incredible Ghats like Nane Ghat, Darya Ghat,  and Malshej Ghat. So, plan weekend getaways from Pune and enjoy the trip. 

Famous for: Shivneri Fort, Manmodi Hills, Ganesh Lena, Tulija Lena, Lenyadri and Ozar Temple
Ideal Duration: 02 Days
Adlabs Imagica
Adlabs Imagica 92 KM from Pune
Best Time:

If you are done with hill station and amazing adventure experiences and looking for something new, then Adlabs Imagica is the best place for you. It is a beautiful theme park which comprises of several rides and offers immense fun to vacationers. Right from rides, fun, food and quality time, you can expect all from this place. Spread in 130 acres, this amazing theme park offers 40 plus rides, and 8 themed restaurants to have a great experience. Secondly it turns up as the best weekend destination that visitors can spend with their loved ones. 

Famous for: June to August
Ideal Duration: 01 Day
Satara 110 KM from Pune
Best Time:

Satara is one of the favorite weekend getaways from Pune that enables vacationers to experience a great blend of heritage, tranquility, etc. Satara is one of the best destinations or dream destinations for mesmerizing beauty, and historical ruins. The ruins and natural beauty has made it a UNESCO Biodiversity World Heritage Site. Visitors visiting this weekend getaway also get the opportunity to experience Natskies Observatory and Mayani Bird Sanctuary as it will add a great fun in the journey. 

Famous for: Natskies Observatory and Mayani Bird Sanctuary
Ideal Duration: 01 Day

FAQs about weekend getaways near Weekend Trip From Pune

There are several attractions nearby Pune that vacationers can visit on their weekend trips and especially in winters i.e. Tapola, Panchgani, Kamshet, Dapoli, etc. Each of these attractions of the city is quite captivating and it attracts vacationers for its blessed beauty and lovely temperature, so one must plan to visit here atleast once. It will certainly offer you a lovely time. 

If you are looking for a trip in Monsoon then there are several places nearby Pune to explore and enjoy the beautiful season. Some of the fantastic attractions to visit in Monsoon are Khandala, Malshej Ghat, 

Amboli, Kalsubai, Matheran, etc. Each of these attractions is quite captivating and enables vacationers to have a great time in between the blessed weather conditions and refreshing weather. These destinations are also the perfect place for honeymooners. 

Vacationers who are looking for some amazing attractions nearby Pune to go along with family need not to bother as there are several lovely attractions that vacationers must visit. Some of the best attractions to visit Pune are Wai, Panchgani, Alibaug, Bhandardara, Kashid, etc. These attractions are lovely and vacationers will have a great time at each of these places, so just go for it.